Online Vibration Condition Monitoring of Gas Circulation Fans in Hardening Process

  • A. Rastegari
  • A. Archenti KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Keywords: Online condition monitoring, Condition-based maintenance, Vibration analysis, Fan


Vibration analysis and the Shock Pulse Method (SPM) are two of the most popular condition monitoring techniques used in Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) policy, especially for rotating equipment. To illustrate the extent to which advanced CBM techniques (in this case, vibration analysis and SPM) are applicable and cost effective in a manufacturing company, a pilot project was followed in real time. The pilot project was performed at a large manufacturing site in Sweden. The purpose of the project was to implement online condition monitoring of five critical gas circulation fans in the hardening process of the manufacturing company. This paper presents some of the main findings of the online condition monitoring of the fans for a period of three years. Consequently, based on the empirical data, the company was able to gain great profit due to preventing production losses by preventing breakdowns of the fans.