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Stochastic lifetime estimation of pressurized gas pipeline; Case study of the urban gas pipeline

B. Modiri, M. Pourgol-Mohammad, M. Yazdani, H. Salimi, F. Salehpour-Oskouei, A. Ahmadi


Corrosion is a major contributor in gas pipeline degradation and failure. Due to significant sources of uncertainties in corrosion progression modelling, nondeterministic approaches are more promising in recent researches. Several researches were conducted about probabilistic assessment of corrosion and its effects in practical models. However, in these studies, either internal or external corrosion individually were separately evaluated, without taking into account their correlated effects. In this study, a reliability analysis method is proposed for pressurized bare gas pipeline buried in soil by taking into account both corrosion effects from inside and the outside of the pipe. Environment effects are also studied on pipeâs corrosion by considering different soil types. It was observed that soil grain size has significant impact in corrosion occurrence. Consequently, sandy clay loam has the highest reliability index while clay and clay loam have the lowest values among these soil types.


Pipeline lifetime; Reliability; Uniform corrosion; Pitting corrosion

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