Self-Diagnosis, Self-Healing & Self-Management in COMADEM: A Literature Survey

  • B.K.N. Rao COMADEM International, UK
Keywords: Condition monitoring, Diagnostic Engineering, Management, Self-Diagnosis, Self-Healing, Self-Management.


There are two types of assets (a) Non-living assets/Physical assets and (b) Living assets. All living assets are innately endowed with the nature’s highly evolved miraculous gift of Self-Diagnosis, Self-Healing and Self-Management processes for survival and sustained prosperity. We create various artefacts from the raw physical assets for continued survival and prosperity. All created assets undergoes various life-cycles and are prone to failure of one type or another. But failure is not an option. Modern assets are increasingly becoming complex, sophisticated and are exposed to severe operational conditions. Maximising reliability, health and safety of all assets should be number one priority for continued survival and prosperity. It is well known that of all the known systems, the biological systems are the most highly evolved natural systems. By trying to mimic the biological systems, scientists have made significant advances in the field of self- diagnosis, self-healing and self-management to minimise failures and to prolong the useful life-cycle of all assets. This paper reflects the broad principles of self-diagnosis, self-healing and self-management and reviews how these strategies are being explored and exploited in the proactive multi-disciplinary field of Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management (COMADEM).