Case-Based Reasoning (Cbr) In Condition Monitoring & Diagnostic Engineering Management (Comadem): A Literature Survey

  • B.K.N. Rao COMADEM International, UK
Keywords: Case-based reasoning, artificial intelligence, condition monitoring, diagnostic engineering, proactive management


It is the universal truth that experience is the best teacher. All civilizations have evolved by learning from past experiences of many previous generations from different cultural backgrounds. The primary sources of these past experiences are to be found in many historical, mythological, literary, cultural and spiritual documents. Past experiences still remain the primary source of reference from which the new knowledge/wisdom is generated, discovered, disseminated & from which civilized societies are constantly evolving. It is a basic human survival instinct to learn from the past to resolve day-to-day socio-economic problems and to continuously improve the quality of life. It is embedded in our genes. As a scientific quest, Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) was introduced as a powerful diagnostic and prognostic pro-active management strategy in its own right. Its philosophy is that all reasoning is based on past cases personally experienced. As a scientific endeavour CBR is based on the hypothesis that similar problems have similar solutions & new problems can be solved by revisiting or adapting solutions of past problems. If used judiciously, it can be a powerful method for computer reasoning and for better decision making. There are several potential advantages of fully exploring & exploiting CBR in the proactive and holistic discipline of Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management (COMADEM). This paper reviews this aspect through a brief literature survey.


Number of references cited: 53