Pneumatic Liquid Online Automatic Balancing System for Rotating Machinery

  • Pan Xin
  • Wu Hai-qi
  • Gao Jin-ji
Keywords: Rotating machinery, Unbalance vibration, Automatic balancing, Pneumatic liquid, Control simulation, Performance analysis


Online automatic balancing is considered to be the best solution to reduce unbalance vibrations of rotating machinery. The pneumatic liquid online automatic balancing device presented in this paper is a new type of liquid balancers, including a sealed balancing disc rotating with rotor and an air distributor mated with the balancing disc. Balancing liquid is transferred between opposite chambers by compressed air and a correcting mass is formed to balance the detected device through the change of liquid distribution in balancing disc. For a horizontal experimental installation, several performance parameters of the balancing device were analyzed, such as the volume of balancing liquid, the maximum of balancing ability and the liquid flow velocity in the connecting tube. A simulation model of the balancing device was also built using Labview virtual instrument platform and its parameters were set in accordance with the experimental device. A one by one chamber trial algorithm and a target vector algorithm were used to simulate in the model. The simulation results demonstrated that both of the two algorithms could reduce the unbalance vibrations efficiently by choosing appropriate control parameters although the liquid flow rate of balancing device was a variable value, and the target vector algorithm had a faster balancing speed and avoided the misadjustment phenomenon during the balancing process.