Experimental and Simulation study on Impact Faults and Vibration Characteristics of Gear Box

  • Hui Zhipeng
  • Guan Tao
  • Wang Chen
  • Zhu Zhenqiao
Keywords: Gearbox, Modelling analysis and optimisation, Transient dynamics analysis, Monitoring and diagnosis


The finite element analysis and experimental measurement are used to study the vibration characteristics of gearbox impact faults. Parametric models of gearbox gear train are built through three-dimensional modeling software, and the finite element software transient dynamics module is used to analyze the vibration acceleration response of the gearbox under different conditions of impact load. Compare the actual acceleration response which is collected from fault simulation experiment with the finite element simulation results to verify the accuracy of the parametric models. Meantime, the vibration response of the gear box impact failure is analyzed, and the sensor layout optimization scheme is proposed, which reduces the blindness of vibration measuring point arrangement and reduces the necessary channels for the monitoring and diagnosis. As a result, the cost of monitoring could be reduced.