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It is indexed in INSPEC, Shock &amp; Vibration Digest, Current Contents, NASA Center for Aerospace Information, British Library etc.</p> en-US <p>Author(s) by submitting the manuscript to the International Journal of COMADEM agree to transfer the rights to COMADEM International UK with some exceptions as described in <a href="copyrights">COPYRIGHT TRANSFER AGREEMENT</a> available <a href="copyrights">here</a>.</p> (Prof B.K.N. Rao) (Dr Taimoor Asim) Wed, 22 Sep 2021 11:37:47 +0000 OJS 60 An Optimum VLSI Design of ALU based FIR Filter using Modified Clock Gating Technique <p>The digital signal processing has application in the field of computing block functions. The arithmetic logic unit is a digital electronic circuit, which is used to perform the operation of the arithmetic and logical functions on FIR filter. An arithmetic logic unit is the main block of computing circuits, which includes Central Processing Unit, and Graphical Processing Unit. In VLSI Design, the major parameters are the logic delay, chip area, and power consumption. This is reduced by using adders and multipliers functional block in ALU based FIR filter. The conventional method uses a divider algorithm with shifters since takes the number of looping unit and it assigns only the real numbers on IIR filter, therefore it does not give the best<br>outputs. The proposed method comprises the design of Arithmetic Logical Unit based FIR filter by using the Enhanced Gate level design circuitry with Modified Carry look ahead and enhanced binary multiplier with subtractor and shifter blocks. Here the Adder, Multiplier, Subtractor, and shifter blocks are design with Gate level circuit model and it reduces the power consumption by adding clock-gating technique in the logic circuits of ALU based FIR filter. By using this proposed algorithms gives the better results for VLSI parameters and it increases the speed, which is applicable for biomedical image processing techniques. When compared to the conventional method, the proposed method gives the best result by the way of Area, Delay, and Power Consumption on VLSI design; the MSE and PSNR on medical image processing. The software MATLAB 2018a is used on the image processing, which adopts retinal image. The Xilinx ISE 14.5 is used for synthesizing the logic unit and Modelsim is used for simulating the results. This proposed algorithm achieves the better result than most recent related surveys.</p> M Arulkumar, M Chandrasekaran Copyright (c) Wed, 22 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Enhanced Lion Optimization With Efficient Path Routing Equalization Technique Against DoS Attack In WSN <p>In Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), DOS (Denial of service) attack makes shortcoming system. The packets travel over and over in the sensor network. By that all the assets like data transmission, memory, and vitality are squandered by this attack. However, the attacker ought to optimize its attacker plan for request to boost the impact on the system performance because of the deficiency of vitality at the aggressor side. Denial of service (DoS) attack on the Internet has become a squeezing issue. By staying away from these sorts of attacks network performance can be improved. Therefore, Security is a fundamental requirement for these networks. Hence, to overcome the issues faced by the cross layer in the presence of DOS attack in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). For reliable data transmission, effective routing is required. This research work mainly focuses on the performance evaluation using optimization methods. To establish the efficient path in the Cross layer against DOS attack, this paper has proposed Enhanced lion optimization with efficient path routing equalization technique (LOEPRE). If there is any failure node occurs in the network then the node is recognized and communication of data packets again transmitted in another node. Retransmission of data causes overload in the network. The proposed model focuses on these issues and overcome these issues by improving the path efficiently with robust security. It consists of three phases: In initial phase include the route discovery in the network. In second phase, enhanced lion optimization technique is used for establish a route to transfer data with high security level. Finally, efficient path routing equalization technique is used for minimize the overload in the network, it provides the equalize path length in the network and is highly efficient. Hence, the proposed LOEPRE technique is used to achieve energy efficiency in wireless network for prolong network<br>lifetime, minimum packet latency, minimize consumption of energy. Moreover, the simulation outcome of the proposed LOEPRE method highly robust while comparing to the existing methods EFCRS, SSPRA ELOER, EFLOR and TSTP. It achieves better performance than existing algorithms in comparing metrics connectivity ratio, end to end delay, overhead, throughput and packet delivery ratio.</p> R Elavarasan, K Chitra Copyright (c) Wed, 22 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Time Series Analysis for Predicting Covid-19 Infection using Facebook Prophet Model <p>The international fright due to the occurrence of COVID has created an emergency act in the field of healthcare, bio medical and drug discovery process. However, finding the feasible solution to introduce a drug is a time-consuming process due to pre-clinical and post-clinical testing process. Prediction and estimation of COVID-19 can help the medical practitioners and government authorities to take preventable measure against the outcomes of COVID-19. From December 2019 to April 2020, 2844712 cases of COVID-19 have been informed, which includes 201315 deaths according to European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. This drastic condition should be treated not only physicians and other health care providers. There are two types of time series forecasting techniques. The first technique time-domain approach models the forthcoming values as a function of previous and current values. The groundwork of this approach is the time series regression of current values of a time series on its own past values. The assessments of the model are applied for forecasting process. The second technique known as Frequency domain models are based on the interpretations of time using sines and cosines functions. These interpretations are known as Fourier representations. Overall, the technique utilizes regressions on sines and cosines function, to model the behavior of the data. The proposed work used Facebook Prophet model</p> A Bazila Banu, P Thirumalaikolundusubramanian Copyright (c) Wed, 22 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0000 A Smart Impact Detection System for Thermoplastic Aircraft Components based on Acoustic Emission and AdaBoost Algorithm <p>Impact is a substantial threat to the structural integrity of commercial and military aircraft components, and reliable evaluation of impact damage is therefore important for maintenance. Traditional impact detection for aircraft is based on scheduled visual inspection, intermittently followed by more comprehensive and detailed inspections. This approach is time consuming and detection may be subject to human error. This paper discusses a step in the development of a health monitoring system to automatically recognize and localize impact damage. One challenge to accomplish this goal is to minimize the number of sensors involved while still effectively localizing the zones of impact with an acceptable level of certainty. An artificial neural network and AdaBoost algorithm approach were employed to localize impact on an aircraft elevator having a thermoplastic composite surface, and results are compared and discussed.</p> Li Ai, Vafa Soltangharaei, Paul Ziehl, Michel van Tooren Copyright (c) Wed, 22 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Wavelet envelope power spectrum for gear fault diagnosis and comparison of diagnostic capability of wavelets <p>The concept of vibration signal analysis using wavelet analysis has found lot of advancement in the area of fault diagnosis in machines. In this research work, the techniques for gear fault diagnosis using Morlet &amp; modified Morlet wavelet are presented. Wavelet analysis has capacity to analyse the various features in the vibration signal. Realistic vibration signals in time domain, were collected in different operating condition from an experimental setup, developed for characterizing the realistic situation. Before the application of wavelet analysis to diagnose the fault in gears, the filtering of vibration signals was performed to enhance the signal components. The concept of enveloped power spectrum using both the Morlet and Modified Morlet are applied to diagnose the fault in gears in its incipient stage. The comparison of diagnostic capability of both type of Wavelets are presented for analysing their capability. The result shows the successful identification of fault in gears.</p> M Lokesha, Sujesh Kumar, Kiran Kumar Copyright (c) Wed, 22 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Progress in Predictive Asset Maintenance Management <p>Optimised Asset Management in recent years has embraced a rapid diffusion of innovation and disruptive technology, especially with reference to condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. The integration of this technology and associated communication technologies are improving operational aspects of industry, including predicting condition asset failure. Some assets in the future will be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Big Data including virtual and augmented reality which will be the gateway to enhanced communication including self-diagnosing capabilities driven by expert systems. Asset connectivity and predictive analytics will discern patterns and algorithms leading to optimised plant production, and enhanced energy efficiency. Machine learning models will indicate future operation on a real-time basis using big data libraries, tabular databases especially with reference to condition monitoring. This paper reviews the role maintenance has in optimising asset operation.</p> Roderick Thomas, D J Rees Copyright (c) Wed, 22 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Minimization Of Cost For Software Based Mutation Testing Using Surrogate Optimization Approach <p>Mutation testing is the efficient and costlier testing method for the fault identification process for the code. It is costlier one due to the different levels of operations to generate the test case scenario. But, an application should pass such type of test cases to perform in an effective manner. Several approaches were proposed to reduce the cost for the mutation testing. The approaches were genetic algorithm, multi-objective particle swarm optimization and it is based on minimizing the cost for generating the test cases. But, the minimum value cannot be determined effectively because it is based on the bounds given to the problem and its search space region. In this, the objective function for all the optimization approaches is same. Here, the cost function is based on the reachability, necessity and control parameters. The use of optimization approach is to determine the minimal value for the cost function with intensive searching which is similar to the mutation testing. The proposed multi-objective surrogate based optimization process to overcome the drawbacks of existing approaches. Because, the surrogate optimization main work is to determine the minimal value for the objective function. This property helps to reduce the cost effectively as compared to the previous approaches. Here, the cost function is based on the reachability, necessity and control parameters. The optimal value for this cost function will be determined through our proposed method and it will produce the best test case with minimal cost. The proposed method is implemented and tested using the emujava and it able to achieve high mutation score with lesser number of iterations. It also able to identify the doubtful mutants which helps to speed up the process and reduce the test cases.</p> R Shobana, G Maria Priscilla Copyright (c) Wed, 22 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0000 Condition monitoring methodology for satellite roller screws used in aerospace electro-mechanical actuators (EMA) <p>Satellite roller screws are popular in flight primary actuation systems. Their condition monitoring is essential as their failure can lead to loss of missions leading to loss of lives and costly damages. Very limited research is available on the condition monitoring of such systems owing to the fact that they are prohibitively costly and limited utility. This paper focuses on the condition monitoring of satellite roller screws by experimental methods by extending the standard methodology used for roller bearings. The roller screw is embedded into a linear electro-mechanical actuator for driving and conducting necessary experiments and data acquisition. The satellite roller screw is run at various speeds and profiles like step, sine, ramp to arrive at the best suitable test profile to acquire maximum information. During initial experiments both vibration and motor current data are acquired and comparison studies revealed the similarity between vibration and motor current signatures. In subsequent experiments only motor current data used to arrive at the signatures of load, preload and lubrication. The study is focussed on arriving roller screw health monitoring by using the characteristic frequencies. The final results are plotted, tabulated and compared. The correlation between the faults and the corresponding characteristic frequencies is arrived at.</p> G Sreedhar Babu, A S Shekhar, M Rajappa, A Lingamurthy Copyright (c) Wed, 22 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0000